Yuba City



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#0 Logan Wurm, C


Position: C
Height: 6' 3"   Weight: 180 lbs
College Experience: Sierra College
Resides: Granite Bay, CA


Logan Wurm, a previous player for the Gold Sox in the 2016 season, will be one of Yuba City Bears' catchers for this summer. He comes from Hallwood, California, and attended Sutter Union High School. While there, Logan earned a batting average of .445, a fielding average of .968, and won Four CA High School Baseball Section Championships. Logan has since then graduated and has enrolled into Sierra College where he is planning on majoring in Business Ag and has already earned the First String Catcher's position. Logan currently has a catching pop time average of 1.8, but recently had a 1.7 record. Outside of baseball, Logan enjoys hunting and fishing. 

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