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Bears Alive and Well

11/09/2017 2:30 PM -
MARYSVILLE, CALIFORNIA: Don’t count your favorite Yuba City Bears out just yet; they are still alive and well. The Bears Baseball Club has been reorganized into a 17-and-under team. “You never know what the future holds for the Bears’ Organization. I do know that running two collegiate clubs at the same stadium with sixty dates in sixty-seven days was a virtually impossible task. The Yuba City Bears need their own stadium in Yuba City itself in order to be a fully functional member of the Great West League or any other collegiate league. After playing two teams in one stadium, in one season, we understand that it is not the right formula for our business, but more importantly, for our fans. With the youth team, we don’t have the pressure of a collegiate team and we can keep our kids here rather than go forty miles away,” said VP/GM Michael Mink.
The original idea for the Yuba City Bears as a 17-and-under team stemmed from a lack of baseball facilities for the youth in the Yuba/Sutter area. Baseball is important to our community; however, there are very few avenues for kids to pursue it seriously. “I know this area in general needs championship facilities for our youth. A lot of kids are traveling to Sacramento, Roseville, and Oroville to other teams and facilities. At some point, we have to make a stand for our kids and keep them here at home, playing on their fields -- not in other cities,” said Mink.
Last year, the Yuba City Bears were formed as a collegiate team when the Great West League needed a sixth team to compete during the summer. Mink resolved this issue by re-igniting the Twin City Rivalry in the area. After the season ended, the Board of Directors decided that with two new teams coming into the league, there would be an odd number of teams. Six teams with six individual stadiums was desired.
With the Bears in a state of limbo, Mink and fellow community leaders decided that the team would have a greater community impact as a 17-and-under team. “I know a lot of people think the Bears are done, but that’s not the case; in fact, you can see Butte at the Veteran’s Day Parade this Saturday, at other parades in the area, and at Gold Sox games. The Gold Sox are the Yuba-Sutter Gold Sox, and they are the premier team with a golden 17-year history that everyone needs to get behind and support. The Gateway to the Pros is there for everyone to have an opportunity with and with the Bears being a 17U, that will open even more windows of opportunity. Just look at former, local Gold Sox player, Max Stassi, who got a World Series Ring this season with the Houston Astros; there are also seven other former players in the Major Leagues. Even this year, the Gold Sox sent the 96th pick to the San Francisco Giants and Bears sent a player in the 15th Round to the Minnesota Twins,” said Mink.
More information about the Yuba City Bears 17U team will be announced as it develops. To reserve tryout spots now, visit www.yubacitybears.com, call 530.741.3600 or stop by our office at 429 10th Street in Marysville.
Information about the Bears’ 17U Team is available now. 
For questions about the upcoming program, please contact us at (530) 741-3600, by email at team@yubacitybears.com, or in person by stopping by the Yuba-Sutter Community Baseball Office located at 429 10th Street, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Monday through Friday. 
For more information about Bears’ Baseball, visit us at www.yubacitybears.com.